Where are you located?

For summer camps we meet at Woodland Park near the covered picnic shelters.  1000 North 50th Street, Seattle WA 98103

What do I need to pack for my child?

We ask that your child come with:

-A water bottle, lunch and snack, packed in their backpack.

-A change of clothes.

-Weather appropriate clothing for the outdoors (i.e., sun hat/glasses/rain boots–who knows what summer weather will bring this year!).

What is your child/teacher ratio?

Our maximum child/teacher ratio is 6:1.  

My child isn’t potty trained, can s/he still come?

Children must be potty trained.  If they don’t know how to pee in the woods, we’ll teach them.  We do understand that accidents happen however.  If your child is prone to them, please simply pack an extra set of bottoms.  Thanks!

How much Spanish is spoken in your program?

During the summer months we stick to English.

Can I pick up/drop off my child late?

In order to respect the rhythm of the day, and your child’s desire to see you(!), we ask that you arrive no later than 1pm.  If you are arriving late in the morning for drop off please text us, we may have already started chasing butterflies.

What if my child is sick?

Please keep your child home if s/he is running a temperature and has symptoms of contagious illness or is not able to fully participate in our outdoor based program.  Please notify us as soon as possible if your child will not be joining us.  Your child should be symptom free without the aid of symptom masking medications (Tylenol, etc) for 24 hours before returning to the program.

Can I enroll in your year round preschool?

We are currently not accepting applications for the 2017/18 year.